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Good job: Vietnam to ease visa, work permit requirements for foreigners

Vietnam’s officials have pledged to simplify administrative procedures involving foreign workers in the country, including relaxing work permit and visa requirements for them. Duong ... Continue Reading →
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Settlement of work permit refusal

Department of Labor, lately, has tightened the ratification of work permit applications. Numerous applications have been returned. Some cases even led to the inspection of the company’s ... Continue Reading →
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Urgent Work Permit Service

According to the 2015’s immigration law and the current labor law, a foreigner working in Vietnam is required to possess a work permit. Though it is not easy to obtain a work ... Continue Reading →
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Reissue of work permits for foreigners (or issue of 2nd (3rd…) Vietnam work permit)

The work permits for foreigners are reissued upon the loss, damage or amendments to the work permits. The work permits are also reissued in at least 5 days but less than 15 days before ... Continue Reading →
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Apply for a new work permit for foreigners working in Vietnam (first issue of work permit)

A foreigner applying for a new work permit applies for a work permit for the first time or has not had a permit to work in Vietnam before. This process demands more documents than the ... Continue Reading →
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